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MI'Outlaw Bulldogs & Frenchies

What to expect at your pick-up appointment:

There will be paperwork that must be done at the time of pick-up, expect that this will take about an hour. 

  • AKC registration 
    • We will walk you through the AKC online registration process so that your puppy will be named and registered with AKC when you leave.
    • Please bring a debit/credit card to securely complete the online registration process.
  • Microchip registration 
    • $20 and includes lifetime registration with AKC
    • We do require that Microchips retain the Breeder contact information on file
  • Sales contract/ health guarantee
    • ​We can send this in advance to review, and will have printed (in duplicate) copies to sign at pick up.

What will go home with your puppy:

  • Microchip registration information
  • AKC registration information
  • A puppy care guide
  • Information regarding your puppy's pedigree
  • Small bag of your puppy's current food
  • Feeding, cleaning, and miscellaneous instruction sheet
  • Immunization records
  • A copy of the vet well check, as well as contact information for our vet. 
  • A blanket or toy that has the scent of your puppy's mother and litter mates

Outlaw Bulldogs:

1 Year Health Guarantee

Lifetime breeder support

Appropriate Vaccines


AKC Registration

 *Limited registration for pet homes