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MI'Outlaw Bulldogs & Frenchies


French Bulldogs are generally

$3,500 - $5,000

We determine our price based on some of the following considerations:

  • Pedigree
  • Health Testing 
  • Titles attained
  • Training
  • ​Ambassador for Health eligibility (Bulldog specific)

What we do not base our price on:

  • Color
  • Gender
  • Fad styles with marketing names like "mini" or "rare"

Outlaw Bulldogs:

1 Year Health Guarantee

Lifetime breeder support

Appropriate Vaccines


AKC Registration

 *Limited registration for pet homes

We are a small, hobby breeder whose primary purpose with any pairing is finding our next show potential puppy.

What does this mean to you, as a potential puppy buyer?

  • Health and conformation are our top priorities
  • Conformation means we work very hard to make sure our Bulldogs and French Bulldogs LOOK like what a bulldog is supposed to like, according to The Standard
  • By breeding to the Standard, we are making every attempt to produce the perfect puppy which includes health factors.
  • We cannot keep every puppy, but we strive to produce the best in each litter
  • Occasionally our top picks are held back to watch grow out, we sometimes make the pick of the litter available as they mature. The advantage to you is they are trained, very socialized, and generally have full vaccine protocols complete.

We do require a puppy questionnaire be complete to be added to our Contact List.

We do not require or accept advance deposits prior to litters being born.

This is a breed where litters can be as small as one, and heartbreak during whelping and the first few weeks is not uncommon. We reach out to everyone on our Contact List to notify you when we have a litter and we expect puppies to be available

Our goal is to make the best match for our puppies.

We generally will match you with a puppy based on our conversations with you and our observations of the puppies as they grow. There are some times when more than one puppy may be a good fit and a puppy can be "picked".