We are pleased that our health testing results have gotten "big" enough that we have dedicated a page to each dog's results.

We are currently on our third generation of some tests and second generation of the complete OFA protocol with our Bulldogs.

Additionally, we now have our first two French Bulldogs who are both Health Tested and have attained AKC conformation titles.

BCA Health Awards:     Ambassador for Health Award

The purpose of the BCA Ambassador of Health program is to promote betterment of the Breed through health testing by recognizing Bulldogs,

owned by BCA members, which have met specific health testing requirements. We sincerely hope that everyone will take the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program.


The program has 5 levels of recognition –

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and as of 2017 DIAMOND.

The requirements for each certificate level (REVISED 2017) are:

Bronze – successful completion of any 4 of the eligible certifications/DNA screenings

Silver – successful completion of any 5 of the eligible certifications/DNA screenings

Gold – successful completion of any 6 of the eligible certifications/DNA screenings

Platinum – successful completion of 7 of the eligible certifications/DNA screenings

Diamond - successful completion of all eligible certifications/DNA screenings

If images are hard to read -

All our health testing is publicly available on the OFA website: http://www.ofa.org/

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OFA Health Tests suggested for Bulldogs includes:

Age minimum (12 months):

​OFA Cardiac 
OFA Patella 
OFA Tracheal Hypoplasia 
OFA Thyroid 

Age Minimum (24 months
​OFA Elbow 
​OFA Hip

Other testing :

HUU (Hyperuricosuria)

Cystinuria (Type III),

CHIC DNA repository, and

OFA Spine Study.