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MBIS MBISS GCH Mytoys Epic Against the Wind, "Ralph"

Thunder - Best of Opposite Sex at the Western Michigan

Bulldog Club Specialty, Under Breeder Judge Mike Otten

With very limited showing after finishing

his Championship at 11 Months,

Thunder became a Grand Champion on June 6, 2015.

Thunder went Best of Breed four out of his 6 shows out

in a two week period to finish with flare.

June 21, 2015: Best of Breed, Owner Handler Group 1 

June 6, 2015: Best of Breed **NEW GRAND CHAMPION**
June 5, 2015: Best of Breed

May 25, 2015: Select Dog

May 24, 2014: Best of Opposite

May 23, 2015: Best of Breed​, BOB Owner Handler and made the cut in Group

May 22, 2015: Best of Breed, BOB Owner Handler

​May 17, 2015: Select Dog

February 1, 2015: Select Dog

January 31, 2015: Select Dog

January 30, 2015: Best of Breed, BOB Owner Handler at the International Kennel Club Show, McCormick Place-Chicago, IL

January 18, 2015: Select Dog (for a Major)

November 2, 2014: Select Dog

November 1, 2014: Thunder goes Best of Opposite

October 4-5, 2014: Select Dog both days 

July 6, 2014: Best of Breed, Thunder's first day in the breed ring as a Champion at 11 months of age over some top ranked specials! Thank you Judge Linda Krukar. Good boy Thunder!!

July 5, 2014: Thunder Winner's Dog for another Major from the 9-12 month puppy class under Judge Gerald Penta to finish his Championship!

June 15, 2014: Thunder Winner's Dog and Best Puppy under Judge Joan Scott

May 2, 2014: Thunder goes Best of Opposite against Top Ranked Specials and tough Class competition for a 5 Point Major ​under Breeder Judge Kathleen Hairston!!

​April 27, 2014: Thunder Winner's Dog under Judge Fred Basset

​April 26, 2014: Winner's Dog, Best of Winners, and Best Puppy under Breeder Judge Claire Johnson

April 19, 2014: Thunder went Winner's Dog for a Major under Judge Debbie Campbell-Freeman

April 18, 2014: Thunder went Winner's Dog under Breeder Judge Cindy Stansell

April 11, 2014: Thunder went Winner's Dog from the 6-9 Month Puppy Class in Georgia under Judge Sharon Lyons


Owners: Michael & Jennifer

Co-Owners/Breeders: Patrick and Christina Kennedy